Yard Project: Gardening Corner

So, this is our big project from this summer.  We have a corner of our yard that is next to the house and surrounded by fence.  It doesn’t get a lot of sunlight and the grass wasn’t growing, so it was pretty eroded.  The previous owners seemed to have been using it as a compost heap.  Combine that with the fact that our back porch was crowded by my gardening supplies, our grill, and our potted plants, and we needed a solution.  I will admit my husband did most of the planning on this.  He was itching to get his hands dirty on a big project.


We skipped a few steps before the first photo.  Prior to this, we dug out the area and leveled it as best we could.  It was pretty sloped, and on the right side of the photo, we were hitting the edge of the foundation.  You can kind of see how far it had eroded, compared to the grass at the edge of the photo.  So in addition to creating a place for my gardening tools, we were hoping it would stop more erosion from happening.  We did have a lot of extra dirt from the leveling, hence the bucket.  We added that to our flower beds.

The first set of bricks went down, and we tried to really focus on getting them stable.


After the first layer of bricks, we put down landscape fabric.  This is supposed to help keep the stones and gravel from travelling away from the pit.  In addition, it should keep it from getting too muddy underneath the stones.  Note how we tried to keep an edge of the fabric on top of the bricks.  When we put down the second layer of bricks, the landscape fabric will be caught between the layers, making it even more stable.


Second layer of bricks.  The white stuff is adhesive.  We might not have needed it, but again, anything to make it more stable.


The first layer of stone.  This is just regular drainage stone.  Supposedly it will also help keep the smaller gravel from traveling.


The rest of the pit is filled with pea gravel.  At this point, it’s ready.  We did have a couple of extra bricks.  We got paranoid that we wouldn’t have enough and so bought some more that we ended up not needing.  We might use them in another project, but for now they’re stacked on the edge.


The final results.  My trunk/bench back there is filled with my gardening hand tools, extra pots, and various fertilizers.  As you can see, we also had several bags of garden soil and a big bag of peat moss.  Our porch opened up so much once we got all that stuff off of it.  And next spring, replanting all my pots should be a breeze, with this nice little corner to work in.