Exercising your Right to Vote

So, in case it isn’t obvious, I live in the U.S.  On Tuesday, we’re having elections.  However, since it’s not a presidential election, it doesn’t tend to get the same amount of focus.  But these elections are just as important as the presidential ones.  Now, I’m not a political scientist or anything, but from my perspective, the members of congress have just as much power making laws as the president.  That’s kind of the point.  They are the voice of your state on the national level.

More important that, though, are the state and local elections.  Your state governor and state legislature have more say on your day-to-day life.  They’re the ones making the laws that directly affect you, from education funding to taxes.  And yet, so many people don’t participate in these elections.

So, I’d like to take one of my 30 days of posting to encourage you to go vote.  I also would like people to make informed votes.  Please don’t just fill in bubbles randomly and even if you’re part of a party, think about why you’re voting for someone!  Here’s some links to help you research:

  • Some states have electronic sample ballots online.  Check your county election board website to see if that’s the case.  These are typically available a couple weeks before the election.
  • I Side With – This website is a great way to get started.  You take a quiz on major issues, along with rating how important each issue is to you, and it will show you what candidates in the major races align with your results.
  • Politics1 – This website can be a little hard to navigate, but if you search for your state, they list the candidates, with links to their websites.
  • I also found googling your state, 2014, and the name of the race also helps find information.

After this, you should have very few excuses for not voting.  Depending on your state, you may have needed to be registered a couple weeks ago.  So, that’s a valid reason, I guess.  But you really should participate in your next election.  The point of democracy is for everyone to have a voice in our government and you should exercise it.  People don’t participate enough, especially in their local elections.


2 thoughts on “Exercising your Right to Vote”

  1. …I tried to comment earlier, but had a fight with WordPress about logging in and my password. So if I end up commenting twice, that’s probably the culprit.

    Great info! Also, Project Vote Smart (www.votesmart.org), which was unfortunately down last night when I was filling out my absentee ballot (I’m still registered in Tulsa). They have a tool (VoteEasy) that sounds like pretty much what I Side With does.

    There’s a JudgePedia to get information on the judges in the retention races, but basically it tells you where they graduated from and who first appointed them to office. I would recommend BallotPedia for information on the State Questions on the ballot, as they also have points both for and against the measure that people have argued.

    Great to see you back to posting! I love the new photo, very classy 😀

    1. Those are also great resources! I did find JudgePedia, but as you said, it didn’t seem to have much. Wish I had found the BallotPedia stuff on the state questions. Just kind of had to go with my guts on those.

      Thanks for the welcome. I’m going to replace the photo with a different one of a tea cup, but I haven’t been able to be home when the lighting is good.

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