Oklahoma Tornado Relief

I am not a native Okie.  I wasn’t born here, I didn’t grow up here.  Sure, I get frustrated with the lack of progress and the outdated politics.  The prevalence of just one religion controlling most of the social world is annoying.  But Oklahoma is where I have met all the people that I consider my closest friends.  It’s where I met my husband.  Oklahoma is where I feel ok saying hi to a random stranger and telling them about the new local restaurant that opened somewhere in town without getting funny looks.  Oklahoma is where I and my husband have chosen to stay as long as we can because Oklahoma has a really strong sense of community.

So when a big tornado happened on May 20 and devastated a huge section of the town of Moore, Oklahomans came together.  Moore isn’t the only place that’s been hit by tornadoes recently, but it is the one that’s closest to me and made the biggest news.

If you feel like helping out the people who’ve lost everything (literally!), I’m including some links.  I know it’s been a couple weeks since the big tornado, but I’m doing this on purpose.  See, right after a disaster, there’s lots of help: money, donations, and volunteers.  But as the event loses exposure, so too does the help trickle off.  My plan is to take one of my half-days from my summer hours and go give blood (something I’ve never done before), and try to see if I can fit in volunteer work on a weekend or two.  Anyway, enough babbling on my part.

Link 1: http://servemoore.com/

Link 2: http://www.ou.edu/leadandvolunteer.html (This one includes info on some of the other places that were hit.)