Blog Roll and Feedly

So, I was originally inspired to start blogging because I read so many blogs. It’s kind of strange to me now. I have moments where I’m like “Nobody reads this, and I often have huge breaks between posts. I don’t even come up with my own recipes half the time! What on earth do I think I’m contributing to the Internet by writing this stuff?”

Then I remember how excited I get when I’m trying a new recipe, and figuring out the best way to plate it for a pretty photo, and how I found this new cool thing I want to share, and look at what my garden is doing, and—*gasp for air*. Yeah. But I had to start somewhere, and the somewhere that I started at was reading other blogs. I started with bento-related blogs, as I was just starting to bento, and I was a bit of an otaku back then. From there I moved to regular food blogs, fashion blogs, gardening blogs, and more.

If you’d like to see what I read, you can check out my blog roll on the right. It doesn’t have everything I read (I read blogs written by friends that I’m not sure they’d be comfortable with me sharing), but a lot of my favorites are in there.

Now, something that’s been going around the internet lately is the news that Google is closing the doors on Google Reader, their RSS aggregator. This was the way that I’d read my chosen blogs for many years, and so I had to find a new way to read them. If you also use Google Reader, I recommend checking out this Lifehacker post. They have some great suggestions for other readers. The one I’ve chosen to go with is Feedly. It’s actually a Chrome extension, but since all my copies of Chrome are synced through my Google account, it works just fine for me. I like that I can group the categories, and I LOVE the magazine view. (Before you make fun of me, I never wanted to take the time to dissect the Google Reader settings.)

Another thing that I really love about Feedly is that since it syncs through my Google account, I can also use the mobile app on my Android phone.  What I like to do at home is go through the posts and clip things I like or want to remember to Evernote.  If I’m using Feedly on my phone, I can mark certain items as “Save for Later” and then do the clipping at home. (The Evernote app for Android is cool too, but they don’t really clip well together.)

If you’re looking for a new RSS feeder to replace Google Reader, or you’re just getting started in the world of collecting blogs (seriously, it becomes an addiction after a while!), I recommend giving Feedly a try.