Recipe du Jour: Tea Party Sandwiches

I’ve said before that I’m horrible about keeping in touch. I made a New Year’s resolution to try and keep in contact with my friends. Every time I’ve moved or changed social circles, I’ve lost contact with people, through nothing more than my own neglect. Out of sight, out of mind.

Back in the fall, I had a Groupon that was about to expire for a tea party, and so I used it as an excuse to meet up with some of my closer friends from grad school. We had a great time catching up, talking about what was new in everyone’s lives: new jobs, new classes, new students. It was nice. When I left grad school, I had never wanted to burn bridges. One of the things I had loved about grad school was the sense of community.

Not too long ago, we decided to recreate the tea party. The tea house was a bit far and a bit expensive, so I decided to host. My friends brought their own homemade treats and I made sandwiches and added a few store-bought scones, lemon curd, and other little things. I’d say it was a close approximation of the professional tea party. For tea, each person brought something, and I had a huge stash for us to pick from.

From Center: Cheese and grapes, Cranberry Orange Scones, Chicken Salad Croissants, Hummus Turkey Wraps

Today I’m including the recipes for my tea sandwiches above, which are a (mostly) original creation. I was inspired by the chicken salad sandwich that the tea shop had, and then a sandwich that I had for lunch at work one day.

Sandwich 1: Chicken Salad Croissant

I’ve actually never made chicken salad before, but what I liked about the restaurant version was how light and fresh it tasted. So I tried to make the same thing at home. This recipe is very malleable; you have to figure out how much you need to your tastes.


  • Chicken, cooked and chopped (I baked the chicken breasts in my toaster oven with just a little salt and pepper)
  • Celery, chopped fine
  • Grapes, quartered
  • Pecans, chopped (I used pecan chips)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lemon juice
  • Pepper? (see notes)


Mix everything gently in a bowl and chill for a while before using. For the sandwich, cut a mini-croissant in half, and fill with the mixture.

Notes: I think I needed a little more lemon juice in mine this first time, as the croissant was sweet, and the salad leaned toward the sweet side. Perhaps also some pepper or other spice.

Sandwich 2: Hummus Turkey Wrap

Again, ingredients are not exact. Also, I originally intended to make this with roasted red peppers (jarred ones), but I couldn’t find them anywhere! Ended up subbing a roasted red pepper bruschetta, and will have to look into ways to make my own roasted red peppers and store them long term.


  • Deli sliced turkey breast
  • Plain hummus
  • Roasted red peppers
  • Spinach wrap bread


Cut the spinach wrap into a manageable size, if necessary. I like to work with quarter-circles or even rectangles. We’re going to treat this like a sushi roll. Spread a thin layer of hummus on the inside of the wrap. Fill with turkey, and add a little red pepper. Roll up like a sushi roll; the hummus should attach the end so it doesn’t come undone. Slice into bite-size pieces.

Notes: I feel like the bites didn’t really feel like a sandwich, since they were so small. I’m thinking next time I might do semi-circles and fold the wrap over like a quesadilla piece (no cheese, so obviously not a real quesadilla. My bruschetta was very oily, so a little went a long way.