New Website Find: Nerd Fitness

I’m a nerd. That fact should not be new to most of you. And I’ve been focusing on getting fit the last year. My new job makes it very easy for me to work out during lunch, and they have great incentives to convince you to keep going. And that’s been great. In light of the New Year however, I wanted to step things up a notch. I was already working out twice a week. Could I up it to three? Five? Could I finally get serious about my diet, so I could start losing weight?

In my search for motivation, I came across the website Nerd Fitness. And boy, this place was right up my alley. A lot of fitness focused websites are by people who are willing to spend hours in the gym, or have never been overweight in their lives. Nerd Fitness is full of nerds, just like me. Sure, everyone is at different stages of their journey, but compared to the perfect, never-been-fat trainers I’ve seen elsewhere, it’s very reassuring.

They have many creative ideas about applying nerdy ideas to the world of being healthy. An old idea is that we can “level” ourselves up, similar to a roleplaying character. The forums at Nerd Fitness actually have a sort of mini-game going on that relates to this idea. They also have themed workouts, and every few days, there’s a blog post to help keep your motivation high.

If you’re looking to get fitter, but are turned off by trainers and hosts that you can’t relate to, I highly recommend that you check it out.