Recipe du Jour: Homemade Potato Chips


So, Andrew thought it would be funny if he bought 50 pounds of potatoes right before Thanksgiving. For just the two of us. Thank goodness I have a mandoline slicer, it makes coming up with ideas for how to use them a lot easier. I’ve cut some for French fries, and made shoestrings for morning hash browns. Those are in the freezer (and barely made a dent!) This post is about the attempt that I don’t have to freeze: potato chips.


  • 50 lb of potatoes (don’t do it!)
  • Oil (I used olive)
  • Salt/Seasonings


I cut the potatoes thinly (scrubbed, but not peeled because I like the skins on my potato chips). Toss with oil until well coated and lay them out flat on a cookie sheet (use parchment paper for easy cleaning). Sprinkle with desired seasonings (suggestions below). Bake in a 400 degrees F oven for about 15 minutes, or until they look crispy but not burnt. Move to paper towels to keep crisp.

Notes:  If you want crunchy chips, it’s best to let them sit out for a little bit (perhaps overnight or so). I was disappointed with the results of my first batch until the next day when we taste tested them again and they were awesome. Andrew liked them so much, he wants me to make some more as soon as I can.

What could be wrong about homemade potato chips? You know what has gone into them, you can decrease the oil and salt if you want, and you can make sure that you get the flavor you like (assuming that you don’t like “everything” flavored chips). For flavor combinations, try salt and black pepper (my favorite from Kettle chips), seasoned salt, chili powder or taco seasoning, Parmesan, garlic powder, or a fresh herb (like dill). What’s your favorite potato chip flavor?


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