Packing Baked Goods for Giving


Not every friend that we want to give home baked goodies to lives within walking, or even driving distance. Sometimes, if you really want to give them that package full of love in the form of sugar and spice, you have to brave the postal system. Here are my tips for making sure your package gets there in decent shape.

  1.  Start with an airtight container. I personally am fond of Christmas tins because they’re sturdy, they’re festive, and they’re reusable. The person can either send them back (what my uncle did with his annual fudge tin), or re-gift them to someone else next year.
  2. Line your chosen container with plastic wrap. I do this so that the container is easier to clean, it adds another layer of airtightness, and an extra layer of padding.
  3. Start filling your container with goodies. Here, I follow the bento principle: Pack things in tight, and don’t leave gaps. Gaps will cause things to shift, which will cause damage to your goodies. If packing something like fudge, where you’ll afraid it might melt or squish together into a giant blob, separate layers with wax paper or more plastic wrap.
  4. Don’t send things that are temperature sensitive! Fudge is normally ok because it tends to be solid and only a little soft at room temp. But something like a cheesecake is out of the question.
  5. Pack the box you are shipping in tightly. Just like the container with the goodies, you don’t want too much sliding around. I do a quick “shake test” before I seal the box, holding it closed and shaking it in all directions. If you hear it slide or move a lot, you need to add more padding.

Here’s hoping your goodies make it there safely.


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