Throwback to the Early Blog


So, I promised a post that would be a throwback to what this blog started with.  It took me a while to find something.  You see, now that it’s summer and I don’t have as many obligations on campus, I spend most of my time lazing around my air-conditioned apartment in my comfiest clothes.  Not something I’m willing to share with you guys.

Anyway, this photo is actually from back in May, about a week after classes ended.  I was still recovering from crazy semester.  But that night, Andrew and I were going to attend a concert in Dallas.  I had bought the tickets all the way back in February, made sure my schedule would be open, and had been bouncing up and down all week.  Since it was a concert for an international music artist (Yanni, if you must know) I felt like I should dress up.  But the end of semester had been rough.  What to wear that looked nice and yet I could stand a 3 hour car drive in?

This dress is now called my GoTo Dress.  It makes an outfit on it’s own, and while the cut is not as flattering as it could have been, it’s stretchy and comfy and still looks nice.  The glint at my neck is a beautiful necklace Andrew got me when he was in Prague.  I’ll take a closeup picture sometime.  Also, my hair looks a bit funny because I’ve made a resolution to not straighten my hair all summer, but I was still working out the best way to do that.

Anyway, a short post to get back into the blogging game.  I’ll have a couple more recipe posts, a summary of how the May/June workout goal went, and what I have planned for July!