So, Whatcha Doin?

So, what have I been up to since the beginning of May?  Well, like most other people, I’ve been getting ready for the end of semester.  This week is finals week, actually.  This means the usual rush of grading, testing, and all those other things.  Thankfully, I don’t have any finals, which means this week is almost like the beginning of summer for me.

Since the goal for the next two months is to workout, I started by getting back into using the WiiFit.  I found a website that allows me to generate routines, for free.  I highly recommend it.  One of the difficulties of using the Wii (and exercise in general) is coming up with a routine.  I like researching things like Crossfit, and SimpleFit, and mixing strength and cardio and what kind of cardio is best, but when it comes to actually exercising, just tell me what to do.  This was probably one of the appeals of Crossfit, since you’re supposed to just follow the routine they post for the day, but figuring out how to scale it back was too difficult for me.

The WiiFit also has the advantage of being gentle.  I’ve been doing “easy” 30 minute workouts, which still work up a sweat, and as I unlock higher difficulties, more reps, and longer times, I’ve been increasing things as I go along.  I’d like to get a copy of WiiFitPlus just to see what they’ve added.  And it’s different everyday, so the exercise schedule is looking back on track.

I also took Penelope out for a spin.  You remember Penelope, right? Truth is, I rode Penelope once last fall, trying to figure out a route, and then I gave up.  May is actually Bike Month, so I thought I’d give it a whirl again.  I still feel like a dork in my helmet and gloves, but it actually wasn’t too bad.  I took a different route this time, one that uses residential streets more than the main thorough-fares, and even near the main streets, I take the sidewalk.  I know, some people will argue against using the sidewalk, but I promise that I only use it on the two lane street that I’m not fast enough to bike on, and there’s no driveways and stuff.  So, much safer than probably other sidewalks.  And I always get off the bike and walk it when crossing a crosswalk.

This new route feels a lot like cycling when I was a kid, and I’m a little more comfortable.  Hills in the middle of the route have taught me that I need to take it slow and easy and to bring a towel or something to wipe off when I’m done, especially if I want to bike in work clothes.  I’ve only done it once so far, but since it looks like my summer duties are only going to have me coming to campus a few days a week, I think I’m going to try it again in the near future.  It actually felt really good, and I’ve already bought new gear for carrying things.  (The basket I have on the back isn’t the biggest, and I carry a lot of stuff to school.)

This week, I’m focusing on tutoring, proctoring tests, and meeting with my advisor to discuss the research I’ll be doing over the summer.  Now that my generals are finished, research is what most of my schooling is going to be about, and while I was sort of starting it last semester, now it’s going to be serious.  I can’t let myself sit on the couch all day, all summer long.