Holy Crap! An Update!

Oh, gentle readers (if there are any of you left).  What an awful two months it has been since I last posted.  I was all prepared to do my two workout months.  I thought I could handle it.  Alas, being a mathematician, my academic endeavors trumped all.  And by that, I mean THE GENERAL EXAM.

Now, many of you know what the general exam is, and have gone through it yourselves.  For those who don’t, it involves two written exams, and then an oral exam.  You have to pass all three in order to officially be a Ph.D. candidate at my university, so it is a BFD (big freaking deal).  The dissertation is almost like a formality after this.  This is bigger and badder than the qualifier exams.  I, like an idiot, decided to schedule mine at the end of April.  I should have known this would sabotage my workout efforts.

You see, the Shay has become a creature of paranoia and panic since entering grad school.  Where she used to be the smartest kid in the class, and then became one of the smart kids, when she got to grad school, she felt dumb.  D-U-M-B.  Not a happy feeling for our protagonist.  So, even though she feels she knows her stuff, even though she knows that she knows more than a lot of other people, she is still terrified of appearing dumb in front of her professors.  Especially her committee.  So when big exams like this come up, everything gets dropped by the wayside except the big exam.  Sleep, laundry, cooking, working out, blogging.  It all disappears in the wake of the BFD Exam.


Now, you may have surmised that the exams are now over.  Life is slowly returning to what counts for normal around here.  Andrew told me it was over a week before I began acting like my old self again.  But now I’m picking up where I left off.  Since I basically lost two whole months, my goals need a little more reorganizing.  So here’s the revised goal list: (you can see the original list here)

  1. (May/June) Start an exercise program.
  2. (July/August) Real food.
  3. (September/October) Regular time for craft projects.
  4. (November/December) Pick up piano again.
Now, some of these may blur.  Summer is a great time for me to pick up a lot of projects I’ve been meaning to do, but I’m not going to force myself to try and accomplish more than one goal this summer.  I’ve got research to start after all.
Next post will be an update on what I’ve been doing since the beginning of May.  Stay tuned.  This blog isn’t dead yet.