How I Lost 50 Pounds in a Few Hours (But not the way you think.)

Got you with that title, didn’t I?  Well, the truth is that shedding baggage is almost as good as shedding the actual weight.  As I’ve stated before, I have this concept that I call Weight Loss Limbo.  Everyone knows what I’m talking about.  It’s that pair of pants that you know doesn’t quite fit, but you don’t want to admit it.  Or that dress you used to look awesome in, a few years ago.  It’s the fact that you don’t want to buy new clothes that actually fit, because that would mean you have to admit that you gained weight.  It’s a universal concept.

The photo you see here is my closet.  Every single one of those hangers used to have an item of clothing on it.  My closet was stuffed, full.  It seemed like I should have a million things to wear.  The truth is that what is left in that photo is all the clothes in my closet that actually fit.  Yes, that’s right.  I had a full closet, and most of it I couldn’t even wear.  There were some shirts and pants I had owned since high school. That’s over 10 years ago now for me.

One of the nice but weird things about gaining weight is that we have the unending optimism that we’ll lose it again.  Nowhere else have I seen such unwavering belief and hope.  Why else would we keep things for years that don’t fit? “Well, when I lose the weight, it might fit again,” we say.  Despite the fact that some of us have hit puberty since then.  I will never again have the body of a 16 year old, and it’s time I faced that.  I’m a woman.  I have hips, and breasts, and some very flabby parts.  So this weekend, I purged my closet of what didn’t fit.  I kept a few things (like the size 4 silk skirt that is just gorgeous), but most of it went into boxes to be donated.  The old items that had stains or tears went in the scrap pile or the garbage.  And afterward, my closet was magically emptied.  Full of potential for me to fill it with things that fit (like those new trouser jeans that need hemming.)

I’m telling you, friends, don’t be scared of a big purge like this.  I love most of my old clothes, but after all these years, I’ve not only outgrown them in size, but also in mentality.  Something that looked awesome to my 16 year old self would not be appropriate for my 26 year old self. I’d look like a woman trying to dress like a teenager.  That’s never attractive.  It is liberating to get rid of this stuff.  It hung over me, telling me how much of a failure I was for not losing the weight “omg rite nao!”  I’ll lose the weight eventually.  And when my clothes get too big, I can buy new ones, or get my favorites taken in.  But that’s the point.  I should be wearing my favorite clothes now, or finding new favorites I can wear now, instead of getting hung up on the old ones.  (See the puns I put in there?)

Have you ever had to purge most of your belongings?  How did it feel?  What were your reasons?  Also, what wonderful new goodies should I fill my now empty closet with?


One thought on “How I Lost 50 Pounds in a Few Hours (But not the way you think.)”

  1. I’ve been purging my closet for the last few year. I pull everything out. Try everything on and either re-hang it back in the closet or put it into one of two piles both for give aways. Always a good feeling and it helps me focus on the things i wear, make room for new things and identify what i might need.

    I’m purging books right now. Have to make room for a hubby! 🙂

    Looks like you need to go shopping!!

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