First Day of Classes

5368242501_8bc26f587e_oSo today was the first day of classes.  This is the outfit I decided to wear.  I actually put together the idea of this last semester, but didn’t get a chance to take pictures.  It strikes me as very neo-Victorian, and I wish I had more clothes that could do that.  I always tend to go over the top professional for the first day of classes.  I tried to tone it down a little with jeans, but I’ve been informed that those hardly add any casual factor to it.  I don’t know why they wadded up funny, normally they’re very straight and trouser like.  I also apologize for the poor lighting.  This was taken during the whirlwind that was my rush home for lunch.

The reason that I tend to go very professional on the first day of classes is that I’m pretty young, as far as instructors go.  It also doesn’t help that I’m short, and even with the extra weight, I don’t exactly scream “authority figure”.  I want my students to think that I am professional, and that I am in control of the classroom.  Even if the latter is mostly an illusion.  Also, the first day of classes is the first impression the students will get of me.  You can’t do those twice.  So better to look like an uber-professional, totally over-dressed grad student, then a lazy one who doesn’t care.

The amazing thing to me about this outfit is that the white shirt is actually rather hideous on me.  I don’t like white as a color normally, and the cut is very strange.  But under the red jacket, nobody can see it.  I might see if the same thing would work with a cardigan too.  The jacket is actually something I found on accident from someone online.  It had added seams to the back to take it in.  It was an easy thing to let them out, and voila, perfectly fitted jacket for me.

This brings me to the issue of what I call “power clothes”.  Everybody has them.  That perfect set of heels that make you feel sexy no matter what, the idea of the lucky shirt, and more.  Normally, my two strongest power clothes are my corsets and my heels (very rarely worn together.)  This velvety jacket is a close third.  The fit is nice, and the fabric is fun.  Not too stodgy and not too trendy.

What are the clothes you like to wear on the first day of classes?  What kind of message do you think they send?  Do you have “power clothes” and if so, what are they?


One thought on “First Day of Classes”

  1. I always wear a button-up shirt (usually blue, purple, or black) with khaki pants and black shoes, to every lecture. I guess they’re my “power clothes”. The first day I maybe doublecheck that everything is clean.

    My strategy on the first day is more about channeling the excitement of the students than imposing my own personal alpha force into the room. As you take roll and go over the syllabus, try looking at each of their faces; they’ll give you more than enough energy to get the semester going on the right foot.

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