New Year’s Resolutions

Photo by: Hélène Villeneuve

So I sort of dropped off the blogosphere for a while.  Not surprising with end of semester exams and some drama in my personal life.  But I’m back, and nothing’s gonna stop me from accomplishing my goals this year.  Hell, I got my Master’s degree last semester, despite everything.

So I humbly present my resolutions for 2011.  There are 6, so I can spend 2 months on each one.  I figure if I make them smaller and more manageable, maybe I’ll accomplish more of them.  So, here’s the list:

  1. Eat more healthy meals at home.
  2. Start an exercise program.
  3. Learn about real food, and making more things from scratch.
  4. Develop a regular time for craft projects.
  5. Better Halloween costume/party.
  6. Pick up piano practice again.

Also along the way, I’ll be doing things that I don’t want to wait to do, or things that should be part of my daily/weekly routines anyway.  The Getting Things Done system worked really well last semester, so that will be reinstated for this semester.  Zazen is a must, as always.  And I’m hoping to make time for a fun reading habit, at least a few nights a week.  A book a month might be nice.  I’m also hoping to get my finances more in order.  I’m not exactly irresponsible with my money, but I’m not as responsible as I could be, and with the prospect of Andrew leaving in the next year, I feel I need to get things in better order.

In other news, I have a new phone!  (New to me anyway.)  I have finally joined the smartphone generation.  And all while still on my cheap prepaid plan.  Merry Christmas to me.  Now let’s get 2011 started!