Bikes and Blogs and Classes, Oh My!

Penelope the Bicycle
Penelope the Bicycle

So, I apologize again for the hiatus of my blog. But a new school year is starting, and I’ve got a bunch of posts lined up. Expect updates every couple of days as I tackle my goals, one by one by one.

First of all, an update. The kitten is well. He’s doing much better and, aside from the shaved spots, is completely back to normal. Also, my car got totaled. I wasn’t in it; it was a hit and run while it was parked. (I even think I know what vehicle did it, but that’s a moot point now.) This means that I got a hefty check from my insurance company, but not hefty enough to buy a new car, and I can’t afford a car payment. So, I took part of the money, and got myself a bicycle so that I can bike-commute to school.

Meet Penelope. I don’t normally name my vehicles, but this one begged for a name, and so she got one. She’s a nice, upright cruiser type bike, and I’ve attached a basket to that back rack for my bags and whatever else I might carry. I have yet to ride her to school, but that’s only because I still haven’t worked out how long it would take.  Which is important when I want to maximize the amount of sleep I get.

This will be an amusing trip.  When I was kid, I learned to ride a bike, sure.  I and my younger brothers used to pretend we were fighter-pilots, and we’d ride in a V-shape like a squadron.  The last time I rode, I think I was in junior high, maybe elementary.  And a bike was always a toy, not a vehicle.  Now I have to worry about things like traffic, and wearing a helmet (which I have also never done.)

Again, expect more updates in the near future, about everything and anything!