Of Kittens and Summer Projects

4733874501_7fe3eb4ef6_oMeet Chiang Mai.  He is a beautiful blue point Siamese.  He’s 14 years old, and would probably be super embarrassed that I’m posting such horrible pictures of him.

Here, he has a nasal feeding tube, parts of him have been shaved, and he has an IV line in one of his back legs.  He has been a very sick kitty.  It all started about a week ago, when he wouldn’t eat or drink.  Since then we were running him around to various vets, getting phone calls, and having to leave him in hospitals overnight.  We finally have a probable diagnosis, and we’re starting treatment.

The important part of all this (besides me not updating) is that kitty healthcare can be just as expensive as human healthcare, especially when many tests are being done because we can’t figure out what’s wrong with him.  This means that a lot of the spare cash I thought I had for big projects this summer (e.g. the walking globe) was reallocated to paying for Chiang’s health care.  I’d gladly do it again if there’s a chance that he’ll stay with me for a few more years.

What does this mean for you guys?  Well, you’ll be getting posts about projects, sure.  But they won’t be the super big expensive projects that I had originally planned for the summer.  Look for slightly smaller things: a model of the walking globe, my very own Cintiq, sewing, losing weight, recipes, and more.

P.S.  I realize it’s already almost the end of June, but seriously, sick kitten.  Your life would get put on hold too.