Long Overdue Update

4683945173_43da463110_oMy Dearest Readers,

I deeply apologize for my lack of posting.  After the semester ended, I took a couple weeks off as a breather, where I basically did nothing except sit at home, play around on the internet and relax.  It was nice, I don’t regret one bit of it.

Now that it’s June, it’s back to teaching, back to reading, and back to working on improving myself one day at a time.  Thought you might want to know what I’ve been working on in the background.

I present to you, my garden.  This is actually the 3rd incarnation of my garden.  The first two got eaten, probably by critters.  I suspect something like a raccoon or a possum, because even though these are green leafy things, I don’t think a deer would come around to the back of my apartment complex.  I was growing increasingly frustrated with the fact that my plants would just about seem to start growing bigger and *boom* they were cut down to nothing.  I tried bringing the plants in at night, but the indoors proved too cold for them.

Enter the plastic netting.  I’ve reapplied it in a different way using tomato stakes since this photo, but it has kept my plants safe and not chewed on.   In fact, I have almost too much basil now, and the oregano is getting tall also.  The sage has sort of died, I think from over-watering.  And my cilantro went to seed before I even got to make salsa with it.  But that means I can save the seeds for next year’s plants, which I’m very much looking forward to.

4684578010_b55763b410_oIn other news, the other reason I haven’t posted is because I attended A-Kon this past weekend in Dallas.  One of my favorite bands, Abney Park, was playing, and it gave me a good excuse to meet up with one of my old high school buddies.  (Hi, John!)  Unfortunately for you guys, I did not take any pictures of my own steampunk outfit, but it apparently was eye-catching enough that I got several compliments and people asked to take photos of me.   In a mixed turn of events, I lost my goggles, but that means I’ll get a chance to make or modify a pair of my own.

Side Rant:  Not too long ago, I went to an estate sale and purchased a set of drop-forged steel wrenches.  The longest is about 18 inches long.  Big, heavy metal wrenches.  I bought them specifically to use with my steampunk costume.  I took one to A-Kon with me, as a prop.  I should note here that it was not essential to my outfit, but it was cool.

Now, I carried this wrench around with me all day.  First place we went was registration, and I set this wrench on the table while I filled out the paperwork.  The girl there even said “Nice wrench” to me.  So it is obvious that she noticed the wrench, she was close enough to tell it was real metal, and she didn’t say anything about it other than that.

I got compliments, and a few comments about the size of the wrench throughout the day, mostly from other steampunks.  A couple people marveled that I got it past the weapons counter, one guy expressing how unfair it was that I had my wrench and he couldn’t bring in an airsoft gun.  I think nothing of it; I’d been passing con staff in various places all day, always with wrench in hand.  In fact, when I lost my goggles, we went to the Lost and Found (which was the same desk for checking in weapons) and again, nobody said anything to me about the wrench.

Here’s the part that makes me so angry I still feel the need to rant about it.  I’m in line, about to see Abney Park, and some guy stops me and says “Ma’am, you’re not allowed to have that in here.  You should have checked it in at the weapons desk. They would have told you to take it back to your room.”  For a moment I thought he was going to send me back to my room (which was in a completely different hotel!)  Luckily, my boyfriend offered to hide it in his bag for the duration of the concert, and all was ok after that.  We rocked the concert and then went back to our hotel.

Am I wrong to be upset that the only person (out of the many who saw me and my wrench) to say that it was illegal was this guy at the end of the day?  That registration and the weapons desk said nothing, but this one guy who I think was on a power trip felt he could bother me about it?  Ooh, it still makes me twitch.  I understand the need for weapons rules, but seriously, as one of my other friends put it, I could probably do just as much damage with a pencil as I could with that wrench.  This has, unfortunately, turned me off of conventions, if props are going to be such a problem.  I was thinking about doing a Selphie cosplay from Final Fantasy VIII, and she has a set of giant nunchaku.  I wouldn’t settle for doing my props out of foam; it doesn’t look good at all.  No prop is better than a stupid prop like that.  But if I made it out chain and wood, I know I probably wouldn’t be allowed to have it at a convention like this.  Thoughts?  Opinions?  Do you agree or disagree?  Was the guy just a jerk, or did he have the right to do what he did?