Dress Your Best: Curly Hair


  • Flats: ???
  • Gray Trousers: Maurices
  • Blue Cami: Maurices
  • Black Cardigan: Maurices
  • Ribbon: ???


So, as part of Dress Your Best week, I’ve started off with showing off my hair.  My hair is curly, as you can see.  Similar to many other people with curly hair, I used to hate my hair.  I didn’t know what to do with it.  Nobody else in my family had curly hair, no one knew where it came from.  Junior high and high school was difficult.  When I finally got to college, I started learning how to properly care for my hair.  I learned to wash it properly, style it properly, and it repaid me by showing it what it can do.

What My Hair Can Do:

  • Hold heat styles with no hairspray (Straightening, Curling Irons)
  • Grow insanely fast.
  • Hold semi-permanent color for 6 months instead of 6 weeks.
  • Withstand Great Plains winds and still stay spunky.

Now, some would say that I’ve broken a few cardinal rules about curly hair: mainly, that my hair is fairly short.  I had long hair for a long time, cropped it super short in high school, and wore it long again in undergrad.  I like this medium length here because it looks good straight or curly, it’s a nice length to manage, and it’s spunky.  And I’m all about the spunk.

To show off my curls for Dress Your Best week, I just decided to dress them up with a shiny blue ribbon.  Too often I want to pull my hair off of my face, to the detriment of my curls.  And actually, my hair is still wet in this photo, which is a different look than when it finally dries.  I meant to take a second picture, but finals week defeated me.  The ribbon was also a little short, and ended up falling out after a couple hours.

One thought on “Dress Your Best: Curly Hair”

  1. Yay for awesome curly hair! I love my curly hair for many of the same reasons you listed, although it definitely took a while to come around to that. Your hair is great and I think it’s a great length. It’s definitely cute and spunky and I love that you proudly wear your shorter hair curly. Thanks for participating in our project this week! S.

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