This calls for a Skirt!


  • Flip flops: Walmart
  • Green Skirt: Cross Cultures (hippie store)
  • White Lace Tank: maurices
  • Black Cardigan: maurices
  • Necklace:


Posting around here slowed down this week because of impending finals.  However, with no classes next week, and only one final homework assignment and one take-home final, I should have plenty of time to make posts next week.

In the latest installment of my fashion related photos, I’ve decided to show off what I call my sari skirt.  I have no idea if it’s actually made from a sari, but I think it’s pretty enough to have been one.  This is yet another find from my hippie store back home (which I have finally remembered the name of!).   That store is a treasure trove for unique things that are either cool or lovely.

This skirt is light (but surprisingly, not see through), and so I don’t get to wear it until the weather warms up a bit.  It’s a wrap skirt, so it’s one of the few things that truly is “one size fits all”.  Since it already has a color contrast from the orange band at the bottom, I’ve previously had a hard time forming outfits with it.  I’ve usually reached for a black tank top, but I feel like that darkens the outfit too much to really let the skirt shine.  Now that I have a white cami, I feel much better about this outfit.  However, white cami is pretty much see-through, not something that I can wear and hope my students won’t notice.  Hence the need for the black cardigan.

My hope is to sometime soon get a gray cardigan or a brown cardigan.  I think the brown would play off the orange at the bottom well (orange is not a color I often feature in my wardrobe.)  Or since there are gray tones in the green pattern of the skirt, the gray could keep the whole outfit looking light and springy like I originally wanted.

In fashion related news, one of my favorite blogs Academichic, is having an event called “Dress your Best” week.  When it comes to fashion, so many of us, including me, are interested in hiding all our flaws.  Our lumpy stomachs, our flabby thighs, untoned arms, or whatever other feature we decide to take offense with.  Dress your Best means instead of dressing your worst features and focusing on them, dress your best features, the things you like.  The conditions of the contest stipulate you pick five fave features, and then next week, you dress to show them off.  You can read more here.

I will be participating, and my five features are

  1. Hair – My hair is curly and adorable.
  2. Wrists – Despite my weight gain and other issues, I still have tiny hands and wrists.  It’s one of the few places where my weight gain doesn’t show.
  3. Ankles – aka the bendy ankles of doom.  Like my wrists, these are my feet are still delicate looking, and my calve muscles aren’t too bad either.  Expect heels at some point.
  4. Hips –  Surprisingly, I don’t mind my massive, womanly hips and actually love showing them off.  In the whole weight gain frenzy, I’m more scared of my waist, but I still have a slightly hourglass figure.  In hiding my waist, I’ve also tended to hide my hips.  No more!
  5. Neckline – There’s a fancy French word for the collarbone and neck area.  In recent years this hasn’t been as much of a showstopping feature as it was when I had very prominent collarbones, but I can still rock showing it off.

So that’s the list.  Watch for a post next week featuring one of these lovely features (ha, a pun!), and there might be more than one.   What are your 5 favorite parts?  Leave a comment and try “Dress your Best” week out for yourself!


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