Slow-Cooker Wednesday: Spicy Chicken with Peppers and Olives

4562042694_70e95c7d9b_oThis is another recipe from Slow Cooker Favorites Made Healthy. You have to understand, I love olives.  Green or black, I don’t care.  I love ’em.  And lucky for me, olives have lots of healthy fats.  The two bright green leaves on top are basil leaves fresh from my herb garden.  They were there mostly to brighten up the plate.  Again, I don’t know if I can reproduce the full recipe, so leave a comment if you’d like the full thing.


  • Chicken
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Red pepper (original recipe called for yellow)
  • Black and Green olives
  • Pasta sauce (original called for spicy, I added red pepper flakes at the end)
  • Pasta

Tastiness Factor:

This was very tasty.  The heat wasn’t too much, just a little tingling feeling around the edges.  There wasn’t a strong olive taste, either.  I’m a sucker for most kinds of pasta and pasta sauce.  I don’t know if I’d do the chicken again, it didn’t seem essential to the flavor profile.  It could easily have no meat at all.

Reheat Factor:

This will be edited when I reheat the leftovers and see how they taste.

Overall Impression:

I love the simplicity of the ingredients list.  It’s all things I tend to have on hand.  Again, I don’t know if I’d do the chicken.  There was nothing in the dish that screamed ‘chicken’ to me.  I think next time I’ll try it vegetarian or with something light, like fish.  The sauce itself is very heavy, so maybe something lighter would counteract that.  EDIT: It appears that the sauce was really salty and gave me a huge headache the next day.  Maybe if I cut out the green olives it would be less salty, but I like salty things, and normally am fine.  So this monstrous headache means I probably won’t try this recipe again soon.