Slow-Cooker Wednesday: Cashew Chicken

Slow-Cooker Cashew Chicken
Cashew Chicken

Welcome to the Recipe Du Jour category of posts here at Cafe Le Shay. These posts will feature a recipe that I’ve tried, and I’ll either post the recipe or the ingredients, along with the Tastiness Factor, Reheat Factor, and Overall Impression.

Tastiness Factor is all about whether the recipe tastes good. Reheat Factor would be about how well the dish reheats and will be edited in when I get around to reheating it. This is important to me, because many recipes don’t scale well, and if something doesn’t reheat well, it’s unlikely I’ll make it again. Also, reheat factor helps determine how bento-friendly it is.

So Wednesday’s are my long day. They start at about 9:30 AM and go until about 6PM (by the time I get home). This means that Shay is not going to want to take the time to cook something when she already comes home hungry.

Enter Slow-Cooker Wednesday. I have a timer device that will turn my crockpot on and off at a specified time, which means all I have to do is set it up in the morning, maybe make some side dishes, and come home to a tasty meal.

Now, on to the first recipe!

This recipe comes from a cookbook titled Slow Cooker Favorites Made Healthy. Since it’s copyrighted it, I don’t know if I can reproduce it completely here, so I’ll just list the ingredients. You can email me or leave a comment if you really want the recipe. Also, I’ve never had Cashew Chicken from a Chinese take-out place, so I have no idea if the flavors I got in this were at all like that.


  • Golden Mushroom soup
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Water Chestnuts
  • Mushrooms
  • Ground Ginger
  • Chicken
  • Cashews
  • Soy Sauce

Tastiness Factor:

I paired this with a wild rice mix (because I had to be somewhere at 7 and the wild rice cooks faster). I originally meant to pair it with plain brown rice, and I think that would have gone over better. The nutty flavor of the wild rice and the nutty flavors in this dish seemed to overwhelm me. Also, I think my chicken might have gotten a little dried out.  The fiancé liked it really well though, though he felt it needed a sweet flavor of some kind added in.

Reheat Factor:

This will get edited when I reheat the leftovers and see how they taste.

Overall Impression:

Actually pretty good. I would definitely make this again, because I normally have everything except for the water chestnuts and soup on hand, and those are both small things I wouldn’t mind keeping in the pantry. The hardest part about making this was shredding the carrots. I was silly and did it by hand because I didn’t want extra dishes. Next time I’ll use the food processor. I’m still finding pieces of carrot in random spots in my kitchen!  Also, as you can see in the picture, it’s very brown and soft looking, and so I feel it should get something green and fresh. Maybe a salad, maybe just a garnish. Will have to look into for next time.